A photo of Lauren, a woman with white skin and light brown hair that is pulled back, is smiling and looking at the camera. She’s wearing a black sweatshirt unzipped over a maroon shirt with a white embroidered design and a silver chain necklace. She is standing next to the door to her old dorm room, reaching up to touch the small white mezuzah that hangs on the doorframe.

Lauren Altman (She/Her)

Email: nabs.president@gmail.com

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A photo of Logan smiling with medium length dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, white skin, glasses, and a black suit coat over a white dress shirt with a red tie against a dark grey background

Logan Stenzel (He/Him)
First Vice-President

Email: stenzellogan@gmail.com

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A photo of Sara, a Mexican/African American woman with a medium complexion. She is smiling as she wares her glasses, a maroon shirt, silver neckless and a gray fedora. Her loose dark brown curly hair reaches her shoulders.

Sara Luna (She/Her)
Second Vice-President

Email: sol.sky.luna@gmail.com

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A photo of Gene, a Korean-American man smiling against a background with green trees. He has thick straight black hair that is longer on the front and shorter on the sides. He is wearing a blue collared shirt, and his dark brown eyes are smizing at the camera.

Gene Kim (He/Him)

Email: gene.sh.kim@gmail.com

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A photo of Hunter, smiling at the camera in a black suit with a dusty, pink dress shirt and a black tie. Hunter is a Caucasian male. Hunter has blue eyes and brown hair combed to the side.

Hunter Kuester (He/Him)

Email: hunterkuester2@gmail.com

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Board Members

A photo of Ammar wearing a beige parahan tunban, which is traditional Afghan clothing. He has a shawl around his neck decorated with an Afghanistan flag. Behind him is the black, green and red Afghanistan flag pinned to the wall.

Ammar Tarin (He/Him)

Email: ammar.tarin@gmail.com

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A photo of Manahil smiling at the camera. She is a Pakistani female with a light skin tone, long wavy dark hair, green eyes, and wearing a white top and a navy blue blazer.

Manahil Jafri (She/Her)

Email: manahiljafri@gmail.com

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A photo of Joshua, an African American man who is smiling at the camera. He is wearing a navy-blue vest, with a gray dress shirt underneath. He has black hair which is faded on the sides with a well-kept longer top.

Joshua Olukanni (He/Him)

Email: joshuaolukanni2002@gmail.com

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A photo of Kyle outside in the sun with downtown buildings behind him. He is wearing a dark grey polo shirt and wire frame sunglasses. Kyle has a light medium skin tone and short full facial hair with long dark blonde hair falling mostly behind his shoulders.

Kyle Garcia (He/Him)

Email: kgarcia2432@gmail.com

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