A photo of Lauren, a woman with white skin and light brown hair that is pulled back, is smiling and looking at the camera. She’s wearing a black sweatshirt unzipped over a maroon shirt with a white embroidered design and a silver chain necklace. She is standing next to the door to her old dorm room, reaching up to touch the small white mezuzah that hangs on the doorframe.

Lauren Altman (She/Her), President

Email: nabs.president@gmail.com

Since she was little, Lauren always knew that she wanted to be a teacher. After graduating from training at the Louisiana Center for the Blind in 2022, she fell in love with teaching non-visual skills and is working towards a career as a rehabilitation professional. LCB was also the place where Lauren was first introduced to NABS by some of the other students there, who she now considers to be some of her greatest mentors and closest friends. Born in Chicago and raised in New Jersey, she is happy to say that she shares a love of both deep dish pizza and bagels. Lauren is currently a junior at Ramapo College of New Jersey, pursuing a degree in Psychology and Special Education Studies.

When she isn’t studying or working on NABS stuff, Lauren can be found binge reading fantasy books, watching horror movies, crafting and writing poetry. Other than her cane, Gemma, Lauren can most likely be found holding a large cup of tea  and spending late hours talking to friends and family.

Whether you are interested in chatting with her about NABS or book recommendations, Lauren would love for you to reach out.