July 12, 2016

SCHOLARSHIP SPOTLIGHT Part 1: Meet Some of Our 2016 Scholarship Class: Johna Wright, Jameyanne Fuller, Donna Posont, Precious Perez, Nathan Clark

From the Editor: This month, NABS is proud to share a myriad of reflections experienced from our national scholarship winners during the 2016 National Federation of the Blind National Convention. Each year, 30 finalists are selected to attend our National Convention, be matched with mentors each day, and gain some financial gain toward the pursuit of higher education.

July 19, 2015

Meet A Few of the 2015 Scholarship Recipients: Bryan Duarte, Ali Engraf, Tamika Williams, Nefertiti Matos Olivares, and Michael Ausbun

From the Editor: With the 75th Anniversary of the National Federation of the Blind National Convention two weeks behind us now, it is time to reflect upon the experiences gained during our week in Orlando, Florida.

January 29, 2013

For the Blind, Kindle Good for Nothing but Kindling by Cindy Bennett and Natalie Shaheen

From the Editor: Cindy Bennett is the secretary of NABS and is a member of the committee that publishes the Student Slate. Furthermore, she is a new Seattleite and was delighted to join the Amazon protest. Here is her summary of the day's events along with a passionate breakdown of the issue by the Jernigan Institute.


The Nonprofit Rollercoaster

From the Editor:
Juhi Narula is a student at the University of Maryland studying psychology and marketing. She is also the founder of Cherish Life. Below, Juhi shares some reflections on the journey of starting a nonprofit as a blind student.


The Back-to-School basics: Embracing Communication, Collaboration, Confidence, & Calm by Elizabeth Rouse

Editor’s Note: Elizabeth Rouse, currently a student at the Louisiana Center for the Blind, has spent most of her life in a classroom setting. Coming from a family of educators has enabled Elizabeth to grow up in an enriched environment geared toward encouraging self-advocacy in all realms of life, especially academia.