“Don’t let the sun go down without saying thank you to someone and without admitting to yourself that absolutely no one gets this far alone.” -Stephen King

Welcome to the November edition of our NABS Notes! As another holiday season begins, we encourage you to grab a plate of leftovers and take some time to read up on all things new with NABS and always remember that we are thankful for you! Read on to learn more about our upcoming events and updates from committees. In this edition you will find:

  • A Message from the NABS Board
  • Time is Running Out: Get Registered for the NABS At Large Seminar
  • November Blog Post
  • November Episode of the NABS Now Podcast
  • Committee Updates
  • Stay Connected—NABS Social Media

Giving Thanks for Our NABS Network

As we draw closer to the end of an incredibly turbulent year, our Board wants to express our gratitude for all of the members and allies who continue to make NABS such a powerful and supportive community. Whether through state conventions, committee work, membership calls, or our social media platforms, it is clear that the energy of our organization is stronger than ever. Know that our momentum is not and will not be slowing down! We are here as a resource for students facing accessibility barriers during the time of virtual learning in spite of the fact that we cannot assemble in person. We also invite you to get connected, get involved, and get excited for our upcoming NABS events.

Time is Running Out: Get Registered for the NABS At Large Seminar

Be sure to get registered for the NABS At Large Seminar, entitled Speaking Up and Branching Out, which will be a weekend focused on learning to own your voice. Registration closes on December 15 and spots are going quickly! If finances are a barrier to your attendance, please reach out to NABS President Trisha Kulkarni at nabs.president@gmail.com.

November Blog Post | On Privilege and Allyship

Are you privileged? It’s hard to answer this question without first defining what it means to be privileged. This month’s blog post, written by NABS Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair Shane Wegner, engages this definition and elaborates on how privilege can hold both positive and negative power. Whether you think you’re privileged or not, Shane’s words show us all how we can acknowledge and utilize privilege to benefit ourselves and others.

November Episode of the NABS Now Podcast | Accessible Fitness – Only a Throw, Rep, or Flip Away

Physical fitness comes with a variety of benefits, including improving an individual’s confidence, health, and motivation. Blind students can succeed in athletics, and as our guests in this episode explain, getting and staying active simply takes a bit of creativity and excitement. In this episode, hear from a diverse student panel on overcoming accessibility challenges in sports, competing with sighted peers, and getting started in the world of fitness. Looking for more info? Check out The Student Slate’s October blog post on accessible fitness. Thank you to our special guests: Megan Hale, Josh Olukanni, and Katy Olsen. Created and produced by Nina Marranca and Seyoon Choi. Are you interested in assisting with the planning and production of the NABS Now Podcast? Email Nina at: ninam0814@gmail.com for more information.

Find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or see our Anchor page for more ways to listen!

Committee Updates

A Subscription Conniption!

Had a chance to drop by The Student Slate, the official blog of the National Association of Blind Students yet?? If not, quit missing out on all the tips and tricks NABS has to offer. Don’t delay; subscribe today! And don’t forget to join us for our next NABS Outreach Committee meeting, taking place on Sunday, December 13 at 8:00 PM EST. For questions on how to get involved, email Nina Marranca at ninam0814@gmail.com.

Actions for Our Auction!

Our team presses on with vigor, creating pathways for our membership to continue programs that benefit blind students nationwide. As our Fantasy Football season has reached its halfway mark, we’ve turned our sights ahead toward Washington Seminar 2021; planning for our fundraising presence has begun! We invite all blind students to get involved and work alongside the committee to solicit items for the NABS annual auction. Did we mention the student who collects the most items by December 1 wins a Google Home Mini? We challenge you to get involved and learn more at our next NABS Fundraising Committee meeting, taking place on Sunday, December 13 at 9:00 PM EST. For questions on how to get involved, email Robert Parsons at Robert.E.Parsons@wmich.edu.

Share Your Student Access Moment: Compete to Win Big!

The LSAC Committee is excited to launch our Student Access Moments video competition! Every student has an accessibility story, and we are calling on students to share them with us. Students and recent graduates can submit videos by posting them on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #StudentAccessMoments. These 60 second videos should tell a personalized story about a time when an accessibility barrier presented itself as well as the situation’s subsequent results. The best videos will either be recorded live on a speaker’s campus or feature a virtual background of a recognizable campus location/icon. In addition to the education that these videos will provide through our social networks, the best videos may be featured in NFB materials, advocating for greater accessibility in higher education. As if that wasn’t enough, cash prizes will also be awarded to the top 3 winners. Questions? Ask them on our next NABS LSAC Committee call, happening on Sunday, December 20 at 8:00 PM EST. For questions on how to get involved, email Justin Salisbury at president@alumni.ecu.edu.

Inspired by You: Beginning a Conversation on Privilege

The D & I Committee published a blog post on The Student Slate this month on the topics of privilege and allyship. The post was inspired by those of you who shared your story via our survey, and we thank you immensely for your willingness to share a part of your identity with us. As we continue to be overjoyed at the thoughtful conversations that come out of our committee calls, we invite you to partake in the fun, learning something along the way and assisting us in the planning/facilitation of the January membership call. For more information and/or to get involved, join us on Sunday, December 20 at 9:00 PM EST. For questions on how to get involved, email Shane Wegner at shanew@outlook.com or join the committee GroupMe, where members coordinate our activities.

And don’t forget our monthly membership call, taking place on Sunday, December 27 at 9:00 PM EST!

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