What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online learning management system created by Google to give Teachers and Educators the ability to post work, create discussions, and receive work from their Students. In order to use this platform, you must have a Google account registered through your school.

Navigating to Google Classroom

  • Step 1. Open an internet browser.
  • Step 2. Navigate to the Classroom main page by going to the address bar and typing in classroom.google.com (The Key command to get to the address bar is: Alt D)
  • Step 3. Once on the main page, first-time users may be prompted to sign in. Type the letter “e” to navigate to the edit box requesting an email address or phone number. Press enter then type in the password. Press enter once more. Please remember to use the login information linked to the google account used for classes.
  • Step 4. Explore the main page that lists all classes.

Google Classroom Layout

Once you have logged in, you are now on your dashboard. In the top left, you can find the following general menu items:

  • classes
  • calendar
  • settings

Additionally, all of the classes you are enrolled in will appear in a list on the main part of the page. If your class is not listed, you will need to enroll in the class by navigating to the join page and entering your class information.

Navigating in Google Classroom

Once on the Google Classroom main page, begin by pressing escape. [Hitting the escape key is a way to refocus your Screen Reader.] Then, perform any of the following tasks:

  • Press h to find Classes, which are tagged as headings. Press enter on a desired class.
  • Press b to join a class until the “join class” button appears. Press enter and type in the class code.
  • Press h to find class announcements & assignments, which are tagged as headings. Use the down arrow to find the specific announcement or assignment, and press enter for more details. When the page loads, use the down arrow to find instructions or attachments. To turn in assignments or mark them as done, press b to find the appropriate button.
  • Press b on any page of the web site to find menus such as “options” or “classroom menu”.
  • Press e to send a Message to a Teacher or Class in navigating by edit fields. (This can only be done within an assignment.)


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