A photo of Sara, a Mexican/African American woman with a medium complexion. She is smiling as she wares her glasses, a maroon shirt, silver neckless and a gray fedora. Her loose dark brown curly hair reaches her shoulders.

Sara Luna (She/Her), Second Vice-President

Email: sol.sky.luna@gmail.com

Sara is thrilled to enter her second year as Second Vice President of NABS. After spending the majority of the past year in Minnesota attending the adult program at (and later working for) Blind Inc, she is happy to return to her home  of Chicago to pursue various career opportunities. In the fall she will begin working to obtain a professional certificate in museum studies from NorthWestern University to, complement her bachelors in history and communications from Northpark University. She plans on prioritizing, improving museum accessibility and highlighting the perspectives of marginalized populations within historical narratives, in her professional endeavors. Sara is a passionate martial artist as,  she earned the rank of Shodan, first degree black belt in judo, in the spring of 2022. Her other hobbies include, listening to an absurd amount of audio books/ podcast’s, editing her scrapbook, drawing, sampling different teas and, adding to her collection of miscellaneous historical facts. As NABS constantly reminds Sara that, she is never alone in her challenges or successes, she invites all members of the NABS Family to reach out if they ever want to talk.