A photo of Logan smiling with medium length dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, white skin, glasses, and a black suit coat over a white dress shirt with a red tie against a dark grey background

Logan Stenzel (He/Him), First Vice-President

Email: stenzellogan@gmail.com

Logan finds it hard to believe he’s belonged to NABS nation for just over three years now, but during this time his optimism and work ethic have proven invaluable. A Senior at the University of Minnesota, Logan is double majoring in Computer Science and Finance, and he can often be found researching investment strategies or working on programming projects while consuming copious amounts of coffee. To take a mental break Logan can either be found hitting the gym, binge watching new and old shows alike, or walking around town with friends. Logan hopes that his work on the board will allow NABS to shine brightly in the lives of students nation wide much like it has for him the past three years.