A photo of Joshua, an African American man who is smiling at the camera. He is wearing a navy-blue vest, with a gray dress shirt underneath. He has black hair which is faded on the sides with a well-kept longer top.

Joshua Olukanni (He/Him)

Email: joshuaolukanni2002@gmail.com

Joshua is happy to be serving as a Board Member for the National Association of Blind Students. Being pulled into the National Federation of the Blind by Independent and confident mentors from the Georgia affiliate showed him the capability and level of achievement that can be accomplished as a blind person. Striving for the skill set and knowledge that his mentors had, he attended BLIND Inc. Morphing into a new person by the end of training Joshua pursued a post-secondary degree at the University of Minnesota. He is currently an upper-class men majoring in Human Resource Development with a Minor in Psychology and Management. Outside of classes he can be found lifting at the gym, watching anime, or formulating content in hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry.