Headshot of Gene smiling

Gene Kim

Email: gene.sh.kim@gmail.com

Gene is proud to begin serving on the NABS Board although he has been one of the masterminds behind our website throughout the past year. He is a second-year student at Stanford University, studying Symbolic Systems and/or Mechanical Engineering with interests in human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and mechatronics. Having been born and raised in the same 30 square mile radius in California his entire life, Gene enjoys traveling and looks forward to experiencing many new cultures in the post-COVID-19 world. His most exciting trip in recent years was to Japan in 2019, where he had the opportunity to meet Princess Takamado and the First Lady. This trip was awarded to the top performing teams in the 2019 National Japan Bowl competition, in which Gene placed third. Some of his other hobbies include cooking, playing guitar, and solving puzzles. He loves getting to know people and having good conversations, so don’t hesitate to reach out!