Mardi Gras by Ana Martinez

During my time at the Louisiana Center for the Blind I have been receiving training in computers, cooking, and travel. But, the biggest part of my experience at LCB has been the confidence building activities that I get to participate in. I've been rock climbing, and rafting. But, I have always been a little intimidated by huge crowds. What a better opportunity to conquer this fear than the Mardi Gras, in New Orleans?

Finally, the chance to test whether all the skills that I've gained during my training work in a variety of settings, in the real world. On top of all of this I had no idea where my room was. The trip had just begun and I was already a little overwhelmed. I quickly reminded myself that during my training I had traveled in a variety of places, such as the mall, airports, and restaurants. This hotel was a piece of cake.

Over the next few days we laid siege on New Orleans, eating at the world-famous restaurants, shopping at the quirky stores and dancing along with the parades. We went on every type of tour from a boat that took us all around the city, to a spooky haunted tour.

No matter what situation I was presented with, I could apply the skills I had learned at LCB to handle it effectively. Whether it be crossing the congested intersection in the French quarter, to navigating the hordes of drunk festival goers, or pushing my way through a crowded store to find that perfect souvenir . I can’t believe that in only a few weeks I will be graduating from the center. But, if I was able to survive Mardi Gras, college should be easy. In this specific instance, what happens in New Orleans will not stay in New Orleans. I will take this experience and use it to motivate me to go to that party, find that class on the other side of campus or venture out into my college town.