Everyone Scream, it is Halloween by Elizabeth Rouse

From the Editor: Enjoy this October blog post written by Elizabeth Rouse. She is a sophomore at Central College located in Iowa. Miss Rouse studies English and hopes to pursue a career in writing. We hope you enjoy reading her interesting story on past experiences during the time of Halloween.

Every October when I was young, my parents took me to a pumpkin patch near my grandparents home. There were tons of fun activities to partake in, such as feeding animals in the petting zoo, eating cinnamon and sugar donuts, and wandering through a corn maze. However, my favorite part of this trip was walking through the haunted house with my grandfather.

No matter how old I was, my grandfather would insist on holding my hand so that I could “protect him.” Ironically, because of my blindness, my grandfather was always protecting me from unforeseen dangers: stairs, doors, other patrons, et cetera. Many would see this as a difficult task, walking through a dark haunted house. However, I am proud to say that now, I can go through these dark places without my grandfather while using my cane.

Although I have grown out of the haunted house stage of my life, I can still enjoy the pumpkin patch. Choosing the perfect pumpkin is all about feeling. Everyone gets lost in a corn maze, so as long as I refrain from tripping, I blend in with my peers (except for the cane in my hand.) My blindness has never hindered me from embracing my childlike love of Halloween. It is my hope that in sharing this memory, you will learn to love this holiday in just the same way.