NABS Rep Request Form

Thank you for visiting our NABS Rep Request form. This form is for student division presidents or designated leaders to request a member of the NABS board to attend your event. We are excited to travel to states, see what your division is up to, and provide any insight and assistance we can. Filling out this form is a prerequisite to receiving a NABS rep at your event.

Please read the information below before filling out the form.

A Rep Request form must be received six weeks prior to the event to which you are requesting a NABS representative.

Breakdown of Expenses:

NABS covers travel assistance, while the host of the event handles the event registration and hotel costs.
NABS will sponsor one rep to come to one event each year. If you have multiple events in one year, the event host must find a way to cover the NABS rep's expenses for all events except one. You will have an opportunity to explain extenuating circumstances which prevent the event host from covering their portion of the cost below.
Additionally, if the event host wishes to sponsor the NABS rep's entire expenses, NABS welcomes the donation and is appreciative for allowing our finances to stretch to another state's event. It is up to the NABS rep and a designated member of your board to communicate once a NABS rep has been approved to finalize preparations for their visit.

We encourage you to work with your State Liaison throughout the year, yet the NABS Representative process does not necessarily depend on your specific state's liaison.
Similarly, NABS will try to accommodate your request, however we will ultimately send someone based on the board members' availability and who can travel given the most economical cost.

A NABS Rep can help with your event in many ways.
- They can assist in planning events,
- leading sessions or talks,
- can assist with non-student related events if the event host needs help in other ways.
In return, we request that the NABS Rep be given time on the general session agenda to update attendees on NABS as well as have time to present during student-related meetings.

Thank you for reading! We look forward to receiving your request and to attending your exciting events!