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For fifty years, the National Association of Blind Students has worked, as an integral part of the National Federation of the Blind, to promote the equality of the blind by serving as a source of information, forum for networking and vehicle for collective action for blind students. Our work on the local, state, and national levels is firmly rooted in the conviction that blindness need not prevent one from excelling in a chosen field of study or living a full and productive life. Above all else, we are dedicated to changing what it means to be blind, by both changing perceptions among the general public of the capabilities of the blind and encouraging blind students to strive to achieve their maximum potential and realize their dreams.

It is our hope that you will find the resources on this website useful and informative. If you have any questions or comments about the website or the work of NABS, please feel free to get in touch with us and let us know. And, if you like what you see and would like to get involved you can become a member of the National Association of Blind Students. And remember, to stay up to date with the latest happenings within NABS, you can friend NABS on Facebook or follow NABS on Twitter. Please also join the NABS email list. Fill out and submit the form, then you will receive a confirmation email.

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The national student division of the National Federation of the Blind

Visit the National Federation of the Blind home page to learn more about the efforts at a national level, as well as the programs we sponsor throughout the year.


2018 Mid-West Regional Seminar

What’s Next for You?

Who: blind and low vision students (high school and up)
When: 6PM, Friday, April 20 – 12PM, Sunday, April 22, 2018
Where: Holiday Inn O’Hare, 5615 N. Cumberland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60631
Cost: $50 for meals and registration, $109 plus tax per night
To reserve a room, call 773-693-5800. Mention NFB of Illinois to get our special group rate!
Want roommates to cut down costs? Email Kathryn Webster
WHY WAIT? Event and hotel registration is open from February 1 – March 31, 2018
REGISTER Direct questions and special requests to Kathryn Webster
For financial assistance, contact your affiliate president by March 20.

This year’s regional student seminar will be a weekend of fun, engagement, and information!

It’s all about the next step in your life, whatever that may look like: taking a step back, learning about options, and paving the path for your future. We will have experts from blindness training centers, working professionals, career guidance, college preparation, health & wellness, and so much more. This seminar gives students an invaluable tool: the power of networking. Both Friday and Saturday night, we will engage in activities and social events. With students traveling from neighboring states, the interactions you’ll experience will be unlike anything else!

NABS Cookbooks

Support our blind students by purchasing one of our very own NABS Cookbooks! We offer formats in standard print, large print, Braille, and electronic. These books, with over 50 recipes from appetizers, to dips, to main dishes, and desserts, are just $15. We take check, Paypal, and Venmo.
To make an online order, visit our NABS Cookbook order form.

Get Involved With NABS by Joining Our Committees

If you have ever wanted to get involved with the work the National Association of Blind Students is doing, this is your chance. We have recently reorganized our committees and are looking for students with a passion to work beside us in building the Federation. If you are interested in joining one or more of our committees, please select the committee(s) you are most interested in and send an email to the Chair of the committee. Or, join the conference line at the designated times when it is most convenient to you. We look forward to working with you to build the National Federation of the Blind.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is always hard at work to raise funds to support our NABS members, leaders, and blind students across the nation. On the Fundraising Committee, you are working alongside our Chair Dustin Cather, Co-chairs Harry staley and Janae Bergmeier to strategize and carry out different fundraising ideas. This committee is a lot of fun to be apart of and very rewarding. If you are interested in joining this committee please email Dustin Cather or join us on the second Thursday of the month at 9pm eastern by calling 712-770-5197 and dialing access code 265669.

Legislative Advocacy Committee

The Legislative Advocacy Committee is focused on learning and sharing knowledge of national and state legislation that impacts the blind. On this committee, you would be working alongside Chair Kenia Flores and Co-chairs Robert Parsons and Justin Salisbury to learn and teach legislation, as well as work with different student divisions and universities/colleges. If you are interested in joining the Legislative Committee, please contact Kenia Flores or join us on the second Sunday of the month at 8pm eastern by calling 712-770-5197 and dialing access code 265669.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is set up to handle all of NABS membership and recruitment. This committee is responsible for monthly membership calls, social media, monthly blog posts, handling our Youtube channel, generating NABS Notes, and so much more! As a part of this committee, you would work alongside Chair Syed Rizvi as well as Co-chairs Ellana Crew and Shannon Cantan to engage students through social media and recruit new members through planning events. If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Syed Rizvi or join us on the second Tuesday of the month at 9pm eastern by calling 712-770-5197 and dialing access code 265669.

Web Master

The Web Master is in charge of all information available on the NABS website. If you have any questions, comments, or updates you would like to make regarding the NABS website, please contact Bryan Duarte

NABS Blog For The Month Of April

NABS Blog Post April 2018

The National Association of Blind Students
A proud division of the National Federation of the Blind.

NABS NOTES | March 2018

In this issue, you will find:
• President’s Note • 2018 Midwest Regional Student Seminar • 2018 NFB National Scholarship Program • The Kenneth Jernigan Convention Scholarship Fund • 2018 Southeast Regional Student Seminar • NFB Engineering Quotient Program • NABS Committee Updates • State division updates • March Blog Post • Launch of the brand-new NABS Facebook group

NABS NOTES | February 2018

In this issue, you will find:
• President’s Note
• 2018 Mid-West Regional Student Seminar
• Summer Opportunities | NFB Training Centers
• 2018 NFB National Scholarship Program
• NABS Legislative Toolkit
• December and February Blog Posts
• Committee Updates

Blog Post for the Month of December, Family, Family, Family!

From the Editor

Ellana Crew is a sparkling leader with many great qualities. As one who grew up in Maryland, her loyalty continues as she is now furthering her education in Baltimore. Ellana is proud to serve as president of the Maryland student division and as the co-chair for the Outreach Committee for our national student division. It’s hard to not mention Ellana’s contagious attitude and genuine personality. She loves building the National Federation of the Blind and learning about others’ differences and identities. Join us in reading this month’s blog post!

Blog Post for the Month of November A Weekend to Remember

A Weekend to Remember

About the Author

Matthew Gip is our newly elected California student division president. Matt is 19 years old and was born and raised in Fresno, California. He currently attends Fresno City College as a Freshman, majoring in psychology. He hopes to become a writer or potentially pursue a career in the blindness field of teaching cane travel in Orientation and Mobility. Please join us in reading his experience as a growing leader in our organization.

NABS NOTES | October 2017

In this issue, you will find:
• President’s Note
• Board Meeting Minutes
• 2018 Washington Seminar Funding Program
• NABS Legislative Toolkit
• October Blog Post
• Committee Updates
• State Updates

Blog Post For The Month Of October, Everyone Scream, it is Halloween

Hello everyone,

Enjoy this October blog post written by Elizabeth Rouse. She is a sophomore at Central College located in Iowa. Miss Rouse studies English and hopes to pursue a career in writing. We hope you enjoy reading her interesting story on past experiences during the time of Halloween.

NABS Notes For The Month Of September

September 2017 NABS Notes.

In this edition, you will find.

NABS Board Meeting Minutes. Committee Updates. Blog Post. State Updates. list end.

NABS Board Meeting Minutes.

National Association of Blind Students A proud division of the National Federation of the Blind.

Board Meeting Minutes: September 3, 2017.

Called to order: 9:05

Members present:

State Convention Experience | Blog for September 2017

From the Editor

Holly Carneal is the student division president of the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri. Currently, Holly is attending Colorado Center for the Blind to gain nonvisual techniques in order to be successful in her education and beyond. In this month's blog post, Holly shares with us some takeaways from the Missouri Convention. We want to give a special statement of gratitude for the immediate past president of Missouri, Gary Wunder, for his unwavering support and leadership.