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Now that your all packed for the 74th annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind , have made it through the long security lines at the airport, on to the airplane and in to the air, it’s time to put your seat back, munch on some pretzels, and read our convention edition of the Student Slate. This edition of the Slate is heaped full of news that you don’t want to miss as well as advice for making the most of your week in Orlando.

First, gain a firsthand account of all of the fun-filled activities that NABS has planned for the week from NABS President, Sean Whalen. After marking all of said activities on your calendar, commence reading and learn how to properly care for a guide dog at National Convention from experienced dog guide handler Kayde Rieken, and learn some tips and tricks for navigating airports and busy hotels from Ohio Association of Blind Students Treasurer and Tenbroke Fellow Emily Pennington. You also won’t want to miss the next article written by aspiring passed scholarship winner Miso Kwak, who provides extensive detail on what the 2013 scholarship program meant to her and how it has changed her life for the better.

Although we very much enjoy discussing convention, it’s time to take a brief break and dive in to something that is much less fun but very much necessary. In case your curiosity has peaked that topic is applying to graduate programs. Although a daunting task, after reading “Grad School 101” by NABS Secretary Cindy Bennet and Treasurer Candice Chapman you’ll have a leg up on all of your friends when it comes to applying to graduate programs.

Hopefully, you enjoy this edition of the Student Slate and it keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat. We look forward to seeing you all in Orlando!