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The Student Slate is published quarterly and contains articles of interest to blind students. Topics range from stories about interesting things blind students have done, to tips about surviving college, and articles about National Association of Blind Students and National Federation of the Blind Events. If you would like to receive a notification when a new issue is published, you can fill out our subscription form and we will get you on our mailing list. If you have an idea for an article, please email the Student Slate Editor.

The Student Slate, Fall 2012

This issue of the Student Slate is packed with things that will hopefully help set your mind at ease. The entire Student Slate committee got together and wrote about some of the things that we feel are most important for students to think about, whether we’re starting college for the first time or returning for another semester. Mary Fernandez shares the tricks she used to land her new job, and Mark Myers tells us about his experience at Project Innovation, which was held last summer at the NFB Jernigan Institute. Finally, Anil Louis shares his perspective on the Fair Wages for Workers with Disabilities Act, and Bethany Bennington talks about the hard work she and other student leaders have put in in Missouri to start their student division off on the right foot.

The Student Slate, Summer 2012

In this edition of the Slate we hear from Nallym Bravo about how fabulous things are down in Florida, and receive a recap from Meghan Whalen on how to attend National Convention without going completely broke. We learn about how blind students are shaping the future of technology, while hearing the stories of two young blind women in the STEM fields today, Ronit Ovadia and Jordyn Castor, a genetic counselor and Microsoft intern, respectively. Finally, we get some hot tips from Mark Riccobono on manning the grill as a blind person.

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