The principles and procedures below were adopted by the NABS Board on May 31, 2021 and are intended to provide clarity and advance notice on how the NABS Business Meeting will be managed this year. This document will be distributed to our membership and housed on our website in June. Additionally, it will be read at the business meeting prior to any official business taking place.

  • All individuals who are dues-paying members as of June 21, 2021 and who opted into the voter enrollment system prior to our business meeting will constitute the pool of convention voters.
  • All voting will be done via text or call, and the results will be viewed by a representative who has been appointed by the President of the National Federation of the Blind.
  • Any matter must receive greater than fifty percent support of the votes cast by the active members present and voting in order to be affirmed.
  • Present and voting will mean the subset of active members who actually cast a vote on a given question. Thus, voters who are indifferent to a matter cannot block its consideration by choosing not to cast a vote.
  • All votes will be allocated two minutes for vote time.
  • If voting indicates 75 percent support for or against a question prior to the two-minute period elapsing, the chair may elect to move to the next order of business.
  • An opportunity to practice voting using the system will be offered on a question that has no impact on the policy of the organization.

Motions and Nominations from the Floor

  • A member can make or second a motion by using the raise hand feature on Zoom. The chair will then give the member the opportunity to unmute and verbally state their motion or second.
  • The membership will be given the opportunity to electronically submit votes in instances where a matter needs to be affirmed or opposed, such as accepting the Treasurer’s Annual Report.
  • Members may unmute themselves to make a nomination. The individual who is nominated must be present to accept or decline the nomination.
  • After reading the slated name for a given position, the Chair will continue prompting for any other nominations from the floor until three consecutive calls are made with no response. At this point, nominations will be considered closed. In the case that the slated name for a given position is unopposed, the Chair will then ask for a motion to elect the nominee by acclamation. Otherwise, each nominee will get sixty seconds to address the membership before voting commences.


  • All dues-paying members will have the ability to vote using Swift, the voter enrollment system.
  • In the event NABS encounters technical difficulties with the Swift platform, all nominations will be collected live. Then, members will be sent a Google form via email with a restricted time frame to cast their votes using a ranked-choice voting process. In order to obtain a majority, members will rank their choices out of the candidates listed. Results will be concluded with the assistance of a representative appointed by the President of the National Federation of the Blind and will be announced no later than the close of convention.
  • NABS is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for everyone. In the event a member is unable to participate fully in this outlined election process and requires an accommodation to make a motion, nominate and individual, or vote, this individual can contact NABS First Vice President, Kenia Flores at to discuss alternative means of engagement. Additionally, designated Zoom moderators will be overseeing the Zoom chat and participant list throughout the meeting and elections to facilitate alternative participation.