Now that you’re semester is under way, and you’re getting back to your normal, busy and crazy routine, it’s time to take a break from said routine, kick back, relax and take in everything the Winter issue of the student slate has to offer.

Do you find that with a new semester, comes more difficult classes which results in intense levels of stress. If so, you’ll enjoy Ohio Association of Blind Students President and music therapy major, Kaiti Shelton’s, article “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Ten Relaxation Tips.” This article is a terrific article and will assist you in handling school like a champ. While school is one of the main sources of stress for most students, another area where immense quantities of stress stems from is finding summer jobs or internships. If you’ve ever worried about how to handle those crazy job fairs and networking events which most university’s hold to assist students in fined said opportunities, than you won’t want to miss Nabs Board Member and Masters of Taxation candidate at the University of Denver, Cody Bair’s article on the ABC’s of Networking.

Are you interested in computer science or other Stem related fields? If so, you will love aspiring astrophysics researcher and senior Physics major at Virginia Tech University, Chelsea Cook and Computer Science Major at the University of Minnesota at Mancado, Megan Bening's article about their experience at the Empowering Blind Student’s Seminar that was held this summer on the University of Washington campus. This article is proceeded by a fantastic recurring column written by Lauren Mclarney, Governmental Affairs Specialist for the National Federation of the Blind, on the progress of the TEACH act. You definitely won’t want to miss this as it is a bill that if passed in to law will revolutionize higher education for blind students and will educate you on a topic that is sure to be a hot issue at this year’s Washington Seminar. Also, the NABS board is excited to share with you all of the exciting events that we will be hosting at this year’s Washington Seminar in our article titled “NABS at Washington Seminar”.

As a part of an effort to communicate more transparently with our membership, we will be including Biographies of the members of the NABS Board in all issues of the Slate. This issue includes the Biographies of Treasurer Candice Chapman and Board Member Cody Bair. We hope you find these interesting and they help you to connect with us.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Student Slate and wish you the best of luck in your new semester.