Now that finals are approaching, summer is right around the corner and stress levels tend to be at their highest, we have decided to publish the next issue of the Student Slate. SO go ahead and take a much deserved break from your books and last minute cramming, put your feet up and enjoy. The studying will still be there when you’re done!

Have you ever struggled with inaccessible technology in your educational career? If so, you should be excited to learn about the TEACH Act, which is being championed by the NFB and, if passed, will result in vast improvements to the requirements placed on institutions of higher education to make their technology accessible to everyone.

As if learning about the diligent work that the National Federation of the Blind has put in to insuring the success of the TEACH Act wasn’t exciting enough, we also have information on how to help you grow your local student division’s events. One problem that has been encountered by numerous state student divisions is that they have wonderful ideas for events but lack participants. If this sounds like a problem your student division is experiencing, you definitely won’t want to miss what NABS Board Member, Justin Salisbury has to say about creating an advertising directory.

Have you ever considered getting a guide dog? Did you know that while guide dogs make excellent travel aids and companions, there is a lot of responsibility that one must be willing to take on in caring for said guide dogs? Before going off to guide dog school, be sure to read what experienced guide dog handler, Kayde Riekin, has to say about the benefits and drawbacks of guide dog use so you can make an educated decision.

Now that summer is around the corner, the NFB’s BELL season is approaching. BELL provides numerous opportunities for blind student’s to enhance their resumes with volunteer activity and to have some fun while doing so. If you’re at all in doubt of the fun part you definitely won’t be after reading about Ohio Association of Blind Students President, Kaiti Shelton’s experience volunteering for the Ohio BELL Program this past summer. In addition to learning about volunteer opportunities available through the BELL program, you will also learn about a variety of volunteer opportunities for college students and opportunities for high school students to participate in the Stem-ex program. This program, operated by the National Federation of the Blind, is breaking down barriers for blind students to excel in stem related fields.

So take a break from your hard work of studying and enjoy. Best of luck to all of you on finals and we hope you all have an extraordinary summer!