Welcome to the NABS resource page. This page is a constantly growing wellspring of resources, so please email the webmaster if something you think should be here is missing.

NFB Resources Page

Here you will find resources divided into four catigories:

  • For Living
  • For Working
  • For Learning
  • For Recreation

Books, newspapers, Magazines and other Literature

Here is a list of organizations and websites providing books for both recreational and educational reading. Some sites offer downloads, and some offer oppertunities to order books. There are DAISY, audio, Braille and other formats available.


This site offers a wide range of book formats, and more and more books are being added every day.

Learning Ally

Learning Ally provides a wealth of audio books available for download or mail order. There are countless books for leisure reading and many textbooks as well.

NFB Newsline

NFB Newsline is a constantly growing service through which you can access newspapers, magazines, and much more. This service is available via the phone, and you can also have articles emailed to you for future reading.

Blindness Training

Below, you will find links to our NFB training centers and other resources for further developing your blindness skills.

The Colorado Center for the Blind

The Louisiana Center for the Blind

BLIND Incorporated

Just for Students

Here are links for requesting accomidations for standardized testing and other vital resources for students.

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Ruth Loew, Assistant Director of Disability Policy

College Resources for students with disabilities

This guide from Best colleges provides information on your legal rights as a student, campus life, and other resources for students with disabilities.,/p>