Online Accessibility Resources for COVID-19

Welcome to the NABS resource page for online accessibility during COVID-19. This page is a constantly growing wellspring of resources, so please continue checking back for updates.

On this page, you can find information on:

  • our new Inaccessibility in Online Education Support Form
  • our Accessibility Guides to Common Online Platforms
  • the NFB’s blog post entitled “Don’t Be a Barrier: Be Accessible NOW”
  • the Accessible COVID-19 Statistics Tracker
  • free sponsored software from Freedom Scientific during the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • free Aira for students
  • Online Learning Strategies for Students with Disabilities from the DO-IT Center
  • Bookshare's Commitment to Online Learning


Over the past few months, we have seen the outbreak of a new strand of Coronavirus sweep the globe in what has qualified as a worldwide pandemic, and as a result, millions of students are now facing the reality of remote education. We in the National Association of Blind Students recognize the additional accessibility challenges that these measures pose to our community, so we created this page to serve as a resource base for parents, educators, and most importantly blind students to benefit from our collective knowledge and experiences. 


This page is constantly evolving, so if you have any questions about the content on this page or ideas for other resources to share, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Web Master Trisha Kulkarni at  

Inaccessibility in Online Education Support Form

We recognize that access barriers vary greatly among individuals, and we want to work directly with you to answer questions and formulate solutions. That is why we are eager to launch our Inaccessibility in Online Education Support Form, where students, parents, and educators alike can reach out to leaders of the National Association of Blind Students directly for individualized support. We intend to respond to all requests within 48 hours of filling out the form. 

Accessibility Guides to Common Online Platforms

Since thousands of schools across the country have transitioned to online education, the NABS Legislative and Self-Advocacy Committee has been working hard to create digestible resources to support students as they navigate remote classes. Follow these links to read more:

NFB Blog Post

We invite you to read the NFB’s blog post that was published on Monday March 16, 2020 entitled Don’t Be a Barrier: Be Accessible NOW for more information from the national office.

Accessible COVID-19 Statistics Tracker

Tyler Littlefield recognized the severe disadvantage that the disability community is facing in accessing data regarding COVID-19 and developed a website to ensure equal access to this critical information. Remain informed by checking out this Accessible COVID-19 Statistics Tracker.

Free Sponsored Software from Freedom Scientific During COVID-19 Outbreak

Freedom Scientific, creator of JAWS and the Focus braille displays among other blindness products, has sponsored licenses for home use of their software during these unprecedented times. Visit Freedom Scientific's Licensing Portal to see if your email qualifies.

Free Offer - College Students in Need of Aira

Although the need for online accessibility is more apparent than ever, we are grateful to also have NFB partners supporting us during this time. Here is a message from Aira Tech Corp that was sent out on Tuesday March 17, 2020.

"We know that many universities and colleges are rapidly shifting to distance learning. We’ve heard that some materials and software being used are inaccessible so we will be offering free Aira for any college student for the remainder of the spring semester ending in May 2020. If you know of a student who could benefit from Aira for their distance learning, please email for more information on the program.”

Online Learning Strategies for Students with Disabilities from the DO-IT Center

The DO-IT Center, based out of the University of Washington, has compiled a list of strategies to tackle online classes. Read more by visiting AccessComputing's website.

Bookshare's Commitment to Online Learning

Bookshare is the largest accessible online library serving individuals with print disabilities for free. Read more and make an account by visiting Bookshare's COVID-19 Page.